Cleaning and Maintenance of Water Reservoirs





Cleaning and Maintenance of Water Reservoirs

The project is cleaning and maintenance of 516 iron and concrete reservoirs with different sizes from (3*4*2) to(30*50*3) meter, fixing reservoir doors, welding of broken doors, painting external wall of reservoirs, clarifies, intakes, etc. The project implementation covers seven districts in Erbil governorate and divided in to two phases, the first phase includes (Soran, Choman, Rwandiz, and Mergasor districts), and the second phase includes (Koya, Shaqlawa, and Makhmour).

Start Date: 15 – Oct – 2019

End Date: 14 – Apr – 2019

Funded by: GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)

Planned Number of  Beneficiaries: 955 person

Planned Number of indirect beneficiaries:  840,000 person