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Rwanga Foundation renovates the Kid-Zone inside the Qushtapa Camp

Monday, January 20, 2020 7:43 AM

Erbil,KURDISTAN (January 20, 2020) – Rwanga Foundation celebrated the grand re-opening ceremony for the renovation of the Kid-Zone inside the Qushtapa Camp.

The aim of the renovation process was to create a healthy and suitable environment for the children and young people of the camp, in order to be able to spend some fun time and create more opportunities for the young people to improve themselves and have a place to practice their hobbies.

The renovation process included leveling the land, planting trees and grasses, paintings such as (frames, fences, play yards, playground, etc.), tiling the entire building, waterproofing the roofs, false ceiling maintenance, electrical maintenance, water network, repairing playground and play yards, providing new equipment, concreting the walking areas and basic cleanings.

Furthermore, Rwanga Foundation tried to support the zone with the repairing of the basketball and football courts and the children playgrounds by enhancing the safety and providing renewed playground items and games. To support the educational sources and approaches, a library has been set up with the access to books and computers. To furthermore assist the camp with formal and non-formal educational spaces, Rwanga Foundation provided the kids zone with several instruments and created a music classroom space, as well as a television and created a cozy TV area/small "cinema" to help organizing a weekly child friendly cartoon movie day. 

The ceremony started with some musical performances by the Kid-Zone musical group. Followed by speeches from the Rwanga Foundation and Erbil Youth Directorate, and continued with a tour in the Kid-Zone. 

“It has been a year since the activities in the Kid-Zone have stopped as a result of the demolition of most parts of the Kid-Zone which was caused by the harsh weather and rain of this region. Thus, we appreciate the support that Rwanga Foundation provided in renovating the Kid Zone. This is a new beginning for us to start our activities and programs again in order to benefit the children and young people of the camp”, stated ‘Bakhtiyar Farhad’, the Director of the Erbil Youth Directorate.

On April 2014, Rwanga Foundation jointly with the Emirates Red Crescent, built a Kid-Zone in the camp and handed it to the KRG Ministry of Culture and Youth, which included various facilities such as the library, computer lab, sports yards, gardens, and other space for other activities like arts, writing, meetings, etc. On October 2019, the Ministry of Culture and Youth of KRG officially requested Rwanga Foundation to renovate the Kid-Zone. Rwanga Foundation decided to renovate the Kid-Zone during November and December 2019.