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Rwanga Foundation and Huawei team up to support Erbil and Koya Schools

On May 25th 2016 Rwanga Foundation and Huawei Technologies for Communication Iraq Co. Ltd. (Huawei) teamed together at the headquarters of Rwanga Foundation for a press conference amongst several media coverage to witness the signing of a cooperative agreement for providing supplies to schools in Erbil and Koya region in order to encourage and develop Education sector in Kurdistan, the supplies included library books, ping pong tables and air coolers.  It was decided that the supplies will be distributed to few of the schools in Erbil and Koya on May 26th 2016.

Mr. Jack Leng, General Manager of Huawei in Kurdistan voiced his opinion on the importance of supporting Educational Institutes by providing supplies in response to Rwanga Foundation’s vision & mission. He also promised to maintain and continue good relations with Rwanga Foundation in the near future.

Mr. AbdulSalam Medeni, CED of Rwanga Foundation mentioned that such International relations are crucial in building the society and especially Education Sector which needs more care and interest. He also called upon the private sectors and individual businesses to come forward, cooperate and support the charitable organizations in their mission.

Head Teachers from some of the schools also attended the conference and expressed their appreciation for the contributions done by Huawei and Rwanga Foundation for partly supporting with their supplies but are also hopeful that many such initiatives will be done in the future.

Rwanga Foundation Participated in AUIS Career Fair

Sulaimani Kurdistan, April 21, 2016: Rwanga Foundation was privileged to be a part of the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS) Annual Job Career Fair held in Sulaimani for the purpose of supporting students and youths. The focal aim of taking part in this fair was to inform the students about Rwanga Foras project as an eye opener in encouraging them to engage either for job opportunities or training courses online and offline. The students were very excited about Rwanga Foras project especially those who were about to finish their University curriculum and are in the stage of seeking jobs.

Silatech and Microsoft Citizenship joined hands in April 2012 to create Foras Ta3mal named (Masr Ta3mal) in Egypt as an employability portal. Thereafter, it was expanded from Qatar to Libya and Morocco, then across some other countries in the MENA region.

Foras wants to bring together different resources for the young people who are eager to learn and perform but they do not know where and how to start. Foras is therefore a platform that could be relevant to every young person in the mentioned countries. A platform that would provide round-the-clock skills e-learning and connect young graduates to career paths and potential entrepreneurs.

In Iraq, the Foras Project started in 2013 funded and managed by the USAID until the end of 2015. Starting from January 2016, the project was handed over and is now managed by Rwanga Foundation funded by Silatech and Microsoft. The Foras Project – which is now called Rwanga Foras – works all over Iraq to register new companies, provide job opportunities and deliver training courses.

Rwanga Foundation conserves the Oldest School in Erbil

Built in 1939, Nishtiman Primary School is the 3rd oldest school in Erbil. Also, named earlier as “Third Erbil” and changed to “Al-Khaldyya” in the 60’s, currently familiar as Nishtiman since 1980’s is one of the ancient schools in Erbil that educated many generations.

Rwanga Foundation with a vision of supporting the ancient educational institutes initiated the purpose of protecting and taking care by renewing Nishtiman Primary School in Khanaqa, Erbil. As per the Erbil’s Education Department request Rwanga finalized the project and handed over to The Directorate of Education, Erbil on April 04, 2016 thus, ensuring the continuity of the ancient school.

Amongst the invited Dignitaries, Mr. Hamadamin Nawprdany, Head of Education Department of Erbil said: “As we all know, inspite of the current financial crisis and pressure in Kurdistan, renewing and protecting the school was not an easy task. We would like to thank Rwanga Foundation for taking this responsibility in preserving the ancient school building for future generations”.

Nishtiman Primary School was facing tough times to continue in the facility as it was in a very bad shape thus demotivating both the Teachers and students. It reached a point that they were deciding on leaving the building. But, Rwanga Foundation’s initiative through International Funds in renovating the building gave a ray of hope to all the Teachers and students.

Mr. Sabah Rajab, the Head Teacher of Nishtiman Primary School added: “This renewal was a perfect help in time for us, as our school was becoming difficult for the students to continue studying further”.

Also, Bukhary a student of class 5 said: “Renewing our school was very important to us. Now, along with this beautiful school, we now have many materials that we can use in our classes and continue loving our lessons.”

Overall, it was observed that the students and Teachers were very excited, walked with pride and a big smile on their face.