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Rwanga Foundation Participated in Youth Conference

Erbil, Kurdistan February 23, 2017. Rwanga Foundation was officially invited to participate in the youth conference relating to the immigration youth in Kurdistan under the banner (Youths are the valuable asset of the Country) in Erbil capital city. The conference was organized by Ministry of Labor and social affairs and UNFPA.

Mr. AbdulSalam Medeni the Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation was part of the panel for (Economic Factors of Immigration Youth in Kurdistan).

Mr. Medeni emphasized that Migration could be a solution for some individuals but when it is a group migration then it is a clear indicator that the pushing forces are stronger than the attracting ones. Focusing on ourselves to strategize the needs and changes for present and future generations.

Mainly, we need to be optimistic and provide long term solutions. Government as the main player in reinstating regions should have a will, plan and follow up on implementation till it achieves its goals.

Urgent focus is needed on:

- Economy sources’ diversification.

- Strategic factories per governorates.

- Universities and educational system - prepare well skilled graduates in the


- Policies that attracts business sector.

- Small and medium projects.

- Projects to discover and support talented youth.

The conference continued for two days and the outcome of this conference will be reported to the Kurdistan region counsel ministry.

Improving the Career Opportunities for Young People in Duhok Governorate

Duhok -17 January 2017: The German Federal Ministry forEconomic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Rwanga Foundation in partnershipwith Help Organization together singed a joint project to improve the careeropportunities for young people. The project’s aim is to develop the vocationalskills of one thousand female and male youth from the three communities ofrefugees, IDPs, and hosts in Duhok. Furthermore to eventually enable them toenter the job market to support themselves and their families. The projectincludes vocational training courses on eleven subjects:  welding,mobile phone maintenance, carpentry, air-conditioning maintenance, electrics,mechanics, sewing, PVC (Plastic/Aluminum Works), computer, hairdressing andhandicrafts. 

The project costs 815,000 Euros and is entirely funded bythe German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Thetargets are 1000 female and male youth (aged 18-35) including 350 refugees, 350IDPs, and 300 youth from the host community. The one thousand youth areconsidered as the direct beneficiaries of the project; however, when theycomplete the course and start working, their families (around 6,000 people)will also be the beneficiaries of the project indirectly. The projecttimeline is two and a half year, and each course takes two months and a half(45 working days) -the training is held five days a week.  

As a result, Rwanga Foundation officially opened itsoffice in the Duhok Governorate to further operate the project's processes anddevelopments, as a part of Rwanga Foundation's mission, to provide services,design policies and build capacities to enable easier access to education andimprove its overall standard in Kurdistan and the greater global community.

Rwanga Foundation and Marathon Oil Supports the Peshmerga Security Forces’ Martyrs in Sulaimni & Halabja

Sulaimani, Halabja, 14th -15th December, 2016. The mission of helping and supporting the Martyrs’ families is ongoing and has accomplished another phase in Sulaimani and Halabja.

Rwanga Foundation teams distributed US$ 850 to 169Martyr’s families in Sulaimani and Halabja with an official ceremony attended by the representatives of Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs in Sulaimani and Halabja, and Rwanga Foundation Head of Office of Sulaimani as a tribute to the families of the brave fighters who fought against the so called the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization.

On October 26, 2016, Rwanga foundation in partnership with Marathon Oil started the first phase of this project in Erbil. The contribution of US$ 850 came as an appreciation to the Martyrs’ families and as a tribute to those brave fighters who sacrificed their lives for their nation and land. The joint effort mainly, is aiming to help all the Martyrs’families who lost their beloved ones in the battle against the so called (IS)since June 9th, 2014 till September, 2016.

Rwanga Foundation continued its mission and achieved providing its help and support to the Families’ of the Martyrs. The first time was in 2015, when 1000 families benefited from this project. In 2016, Marathon Oil in partnership with Rwanga Foundation continued its missionof distributing the cash assistance program.

Rwanga Foundation Accolades Talented Youth in Kurdistan during Rwanga Awards 2016

On 8th December 2016, Rwanga Foundation yet once again hosted Rwanga Awards 2016 this year in The Conference Hall of Duhok governorate.

The ceremony was attended by many artists, writers, journalists, diplomats, winners with their families and youths. In the presence of a huge packed audience in the hall, winners of the competition were announced and prizes were awarded by various high profile dignitaries from throughout the region. A total of  8 young eligible people were awarded prizes in different categories such as Photography, Recycling Arts, Short Film, Solo Musician, Short Story writing, Entrepreneurship, Drawing and Scientific Invention.

The awards function commenced with a group of Duhok and Sharia dancers performing the Kurdish Flag activity.

The winners for 2016 included:

Zrebar Muxtar Abdullah from Sulaimani – in the Entrepreneurship category

Omar Nashwan Hazim an IDP from Mosul – in the Photography category

Shivan khatab Khaleed from Erbil – in the Recycled Art category

Jamsheer Ekram Saaed from TosKhurmatw – in the Scientific Innovation category

Bahoz Ismail Abdullah from Koya – in the Short Film category

Ranj Rasul Raza from Garmian – in the Short Story category

Rabun Shabaan Saed from Erbil – in the Solo Musician category and

Faris Safar Muhamad from Kirkuk – in the Drawing category.

Rwanga Foundation also felicitated Barzani Charity Foundation for their continuous efforts in supporting the humanitarian projects especially in the last two years to aid the IDPs and refugees in Kurdistan.

The Kurdish star singers Karwan Kamil and Chopy Fatah performed with beautiful songs in celebration of the awards ceremony along with Duhok traditional and Sharia groups performing the traditional dance amongst the distinguished guests, KRG representatives, local/international organizations’ representatives.

Rwanga Awards provides a unique opportunity for youths in Kurdistan to participate in celebrating their talent. Rwanga Awards officially started in 2014 and for the last two years the awards ceremony took place in different cities such as Erbil for 2014 and Sulaimani for 2015. This year for 2016 the awards ceremony took place in Duhok province.

Rwanga Foundation provides the platform (Rwanga Annual Awards) to find the best talents and celebrate on the special events night. The aim of this project is to discover and encourage youth talent in Kurdistan and support them to further develop their positive skills and projects.

The Rwanga Awards 2016 is sponsored by (Diamond - Phonetic Tone, Gold - Carrefour Hypermarket, Legacy Construction,  Rixos Hotel Duhok, Life, Hawkari Group, MONO ART, Silver - Darin Plaza, GEG, Babylon, South Kurdistan Oil). 

IFC, Rwanga Foundation Take Business Skills Training to Refugee Camps in Iraq

Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, October 16, 2016—IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, signed an agreement with Erbil-based NGO the Rwanga Foundation today to help it provide business training to host communities and refugees in Iraq, part of efforts to bolster the country’s private sector amid current challenges.


Under the agreement, IFC will help the Rwanga Foundation deliver business skills training to up to 1000 refugees and internally displaced people every year by building the capacity of its trainers, providing customized content, and conducting regular assessments. Rwanga’s aim is to improve access to education and educational standards in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and beyond.


“Over 3 million people have been displaced and moved from their home towns during the past few years,” said Abdulsalam Medeni, Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation. “Our partnership with IFC will help us deliver vital business training for them, helping them to find jobs, build their own projects if they are unemployed, and support growth for those who are already employed.”


IFC has a long history of designing skills programs to improve management capacity and business performance. These include training in key managerial areas like finance, marketing, quality, HR, and personal productivity skills. Internationally, IFC has access to around 500 trainers and 91 highly skilled training providers who have delivered this type of training to more than 200,000 individuals across 64 countries.


“Our partnership with Rwanga has provided us with a new and creative way to reach Iraq’s refugees and internally displaced people,” said Ziad Badr, IFC Principal Country Officer in Iraq. “People inside the camps are eager to provide for their families and communities. Through the business skills training program, we are giving them the skills to help them become productive and find jobs and new lives in their hosting communities.”

The agreement is part of IFC’s Fast Iraq project, which aims to enhance the business performance of Iraqi micro, small and medium enterprises by developing their managerial capacities. IFC has already helped over 12,000 individuals in Iraq improve their business skills.


It is also part of IFC strategy in Iraq to help the private sector develop a non-oil diversified economy, and address the challenges that hinder job creation and business development.



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