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Rwanga Foras Provides Business Training for Young Refugees

ERBIL, Kurdistan, March 29, 2017 - Rwanga Foras in partnership with International Finance Corporation (IFC) held a training workshop to provide additional tools and knowledge on how to strengthen and improve the Problem Solving Skills of the young refugees residing in Darashakran Refugee Camp in Erbil.

Over 12,200 refugees fled their homes and took shelter in Darashakran refugee camp including many university students who could not finish their education in Syria.

The aim of the training was to help them finding jobs focusing on identifying their problems and look for solutions. “We decided to have customized trainings given to various groups of people in various sectors, according to a procedure called “training assessment needs”, which is defining the actual personalized needs to match the training. By these trainings, we hope to be a successful part of the individual participants for their future, since our goal is to support and offer solutions to difficulties’’ said the trainer Aras Mufty.

The full day long training started with trainings on recognizing the problem and followed by two more sessions about analyzing the problem, choosing and implementing solutions. The participants were selected after a series of interviews to identify their weaknesses to help them improve it through the course objectives.

'' The training was very important for us. It helped me to realize that there are always many ways and options. It also helped me to think outside the box’’ said Parwin Kamal, 26. One of the participants. 

In addition to teaching, the techniques and methods of problems solving, participants carry out a number of training activities. '' The training was vital for us besides the knowledge, the positive environment of training and the activities motivates us and encourages us to positively look for solutions'' added Jwan Abdulkarim, 28, participant.

The training is being held as part of the agreement between Rwanga and The IFC, a member of the World Bank Group to provide trainings to the refugees’ camp & host communities and to bolster the country’s private sector amid current challenges and crises.

IFC Delegation Visits Rwanga Foundation

Erbil,  Kurdistan March 9, 2017: International Finance Corporation (IFC) member of the World Bank Group visited Rwanga Foundation Headquarter in Erbil governorate to discuss on the current scenario and providing vocational trainings for youth in Kurdistan including IDPs, Refugees and Host communities. Mr. Mouayed Makhlouf - the Regional Director of Middle East and North Africa Region voiced his opinion “I am happy and amazed to see Rwanga Foundation projects devolved to help the youths in Kurdistan, especially the recently organized business edge training in Erbil and the vocational training project in Duhok governorate. He further assured that IFC have a plan to support Rwanga Foundation in imparting training projects in Kurdistan region and whole of Iraq to equip them with skilled trainings and prepare them for the private sector market.

After the meeting, IFC delegates along with Rwanga Foundation team paid a visit to Bahrka camp in Erbil to meet the IDPs, experiencing their needs in terms of skills improvement for their future. The IDPs were deeply impressed about this visit and praised the delegates for listening to them and providing assurance for their needs.

Previously, on October 16th, 2016. IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, signed an agreement with Rwanga Foundation to jointly provide business edge trainings to host communities and refugees in Iraq as a part of the efforts to bolster the country’s private sector amid current challenges and crises.

Rwanga Foundation Participated in Youth Conference

Erbil, Kurdistan February 23, 2017. Rwanga Foundation was officially invited to participate in the youth conference relating to the immigration youth in Kurdistan under the banner (Youths are the valuable asset of the Country) in Erbil capital city. The conference was organized by Ministry of Labor and social affairs and UNFPA.

Mr. AbdulSalam Medeni the Chief Executive Director of Rwanga Foundation was part of the panel for (Economic Factors of Immigration Youth in Kurdistan).

Mr. Medeni emphasized that Migration could be a solution for some individuals but when it is a group migration then it is a clear indicator that the pushing forces are stronger than the attracting ones. Focusing on ourselves to strategize the needs and changes for present and future generations.

Mainly, we need to be optimistic and provide long term solutions. Government as the main player in reinstating regions should have a will, plan and follow up on implementation till it achieves its goals.

Urgent focus is needed on:

- Economy sources’ diversification.

- Strategic factories per governorates.

- Universities and educational system - prepare well skilled graduates in the


- Policies that attracts business sector.

- Small and medium projects.

- Projects to discover and support talented youth.

The conference continued for two days and the outcome of this conference will be reported to the Kurdistan region counsel ministry.