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Rwanga Foras Offers Free Trainings at the University of Sulaimani

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan (April 6, 2017) - Rwanga Foras team provided senior  university students of the University of Sulaimani with three days of employability  skills trainings workshops to assist them improve their skills and personal attributes that make fresh graduates more likely to  gain employment  after their graduation  and to be successful in their chosen occupations.

''The aim of the trainings were to prepare them to work and step onto the market including teaching them how to create an impressive resume, register them on the Foras Website, tips for navigating the online application process and Interview techniques'' said Shano Ibrahim, Trainer and Senior Employer Outreach Coordinator at Rwanga Foundation.

The training took place at the main campus of the University where some 100 senior students attended.“Work ethics was also one of the key topics of the trainings to teach them how to develop the feeling of loyalty and attachment towards their work, after finding a job'' she added.

Rebin Hushyar, Senior Employer Outreach Coordinator at Rwanga Foundation added''we also encouraged them to participate in volunteering to help them to gain some experience and skills before they apply for a job''.

The trainings were offered on 3rd, 4th and 6th of April 2017. After the training, all the participants were encouraged to take FREE online courses on Foras Website to train them more on their chosen fields.

The Foras Project in Iraq, has been handed over to Rwanga Foundation in January 2016. The project, managed by Silatech and Microsoft and Rwanga Foundation, works all over Iraq to register companies, provide job opportunities and deliver training courses. The total direct beneficiaries of last year were 223,831 mainly youth.