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Improving the Career Opportunities for Young People in Duhok Governorate

Duhok -17 January 2017: The German Federal Ministry forEconomic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Rwanga Foundation in partnershipwith Help Organization together singed a joint project to improve the careeropportunities for young people. The project’s aim is to develop the vocationalskills of one thousand female and male youth from the three communities ofrefugees, IDPs, and hosts in Duhok. Furthermore to eventually enable them toenter the job market to support themselves and their families. The projectincludes vocational training courses on eleven subjects:  welding,mobile phone maintenance, carpentry, air-conditioning maintenance, electrics,mechanics, sewing, PVC (Plastic/Aluminum Works), computer, hairdressing andhandicrafts. 

The project costs 815,000 Euros and is entirely funded bythe German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Thetargets are 1000 female and male youth (aged 18-35) including 350 refugees, 350IDPs, and 300 youth from the host community. The one thousand youth areconsidered as the direct beneficiaries of the project; however, when theycomplete the course and start working, their families (around 6,000 people)will also be the beneficiaries of the project indirectly. The projecttimeline is two and a half year, and each course takes two months and a half(45 working days) -the training is held five days a week.  

As a result, Rwanga Foundation officially opened itsoffice in the Duhok Governorate to further operate the project's processes anddevelopments, as a part of Rwanga Foundation's mission, to provide services,design policies and build capacities to enable easier access to education andimprove its overall standard in Kurdistan and the greater global community.