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Rwanga Foundation and a Group of Orphans Join Hands to Celebrate Earth Day

DUHOK,  Kurdistan (April 22, 2017) - People around the  world celebrated Earth Day, Rwanga Foundation with the support of a group of  orphans, organized various environmental activities to contribute to an event,  globally known as the campaign to empower global citizens with knowledge to  inspire actions for environmental protection.

''The aim of the activities were to spread awareness in the community and encourage people to take actions for environmental protection and protect the earth.'' said Afram Ablahad, Head of Office at the Rwanga Foundation's Duhok Office.

Every year on April 22nd, Earth Day with many activities and events is celebrated worldwide. Duhok province also actively participated in this celebration, the activities took place in Zawita Forest where over 20 Orphans and some 25 Volunteers got involved in this activity to protect the mother nature. One of the activities included painting trees and drawing green earth images on the walls to remind and encourage people in protecting the planet Earth. A cleaning campaign was organized among other activities to stimulate actions for environmental protection. Moreover, Planting saplings was also a planned activity by the Orphans and Volunteers supporting the fact that trees combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, contributing to soil health, retaining water, and cooling overheated urban areas.

Earth Day, is an event to learn more about the earth and its environment, Rwanga Foundation designed the activities to educate the people and convey the importance of planting trees. It has been proved that a single mature tree absorbs around 13 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year, while a younger, actively growing tree may absorb up to 26 pounds of CO2, per year—approximately five tons per acre of trees. As a part of support in spreading the awareness message, social medias were also present to cover the event activities.

Rwanga Foundation Marks Kurdistan Environment Day

ERBIL, Kurdistan (April 16, 2017) –  Rwanga Foundation marked Kurdistan Environment Day with awareness campaigns and  activities to raise awareness and encourage people to take positive environmental actions to protect nature and the planet Earth in two biggest  cities of Kurdistan, Erbil and Sulaimani.

In Erbil, a campaign was held under the name of '' Yes for a Cleaner Environment ''. the campaign was in partnership with Sarwar Institute. '' The aim of the campaign is to spread two messages to the people. The first message is to let them know we are all responsible to the environment. Secondly, we must take positive actions for a cleaner environment'' said Sarwi Nasradeen, Head of the institute. '' Thanks for Rwanga Foundation that supported the campaign and made it happen'' he added.

Rwanga Foundation provided plastic bags, gloves and other items to some 700 people who participated in the campaign to collect the waste on the main road of Bahrka Town. Beside Rwanga Foundation's team, Students, Teachers, Volunteers and Government Employees participated in the campaign.'' using the campaign we can inspire the young generation to create a cleaner environment'' said Omer Mala-Hamdi , 31, a volunteer in the campaign.

Moreover, Rwanga Foundation supported Kurdistan Environment Day activities in Sulaimani province - arranged by Municipality of Sulaimani- by distributing leaflets  and helping in collecting waste.

The activities took place at Dabashan area where Head of Sulaimani municipality team, team/ Director of Parks, Head of Environment Board in Sulaimani and a group of volunteers participated.

Back in 2007, The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Environment Ministry designated April 16 as Kurdistan's Environment Day.

Rwanga Foras Offers Free Trainings at the University of Sulaimani

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan (April 6, 2017) - Rwanga Foras team provided senior  university students of the University of Sulaimani with three days of employability  skills trainings workshops to assist them improve their skills and personal attributes that make fresh graduates more likely to  gain employment  after their graduation  and to be successful in their chosen occupations.

''The aim of the trainings were to prepare them to work and step onto the market including teaching them how to create an impressive resume, register them on the Foras Website, tips for navigating the online application process and Interview techniques'' said Shano Ibrahim, Trainer and Senior Employer Outreach Coordinator at Rwanga Foundation.

The training took place at the main campus of the University where some 100 senior students attended.“Work ethics was also one of the key topics of the trainings to teach them how to develop the feeling of loyalty and attachment towards their work, after finding a job'' she added.

Rebin Hushyar, Senior Employer Outreach Coordinator at Rwanga Foundation added''we also encouraged them to participate in volunteering to help them to gain some experience and skills before they apply for a job''.

The trainings were offered on 3rd, 4th and 6th of April 2017. After the training, all the participants were encouraged to take FREE online courses on Foras Website to train them more on their chosen fields.

The Foras Project in Iraq, has been handed over to Rwanga Foundation in January 2016. The project, managed by Silatech and Microsoft and Rwanga Foundation, works all over Iraq to register companies, provide job opportunities and deliver training courses. The total direct beneficiaries of last year were 223,831 mainly youth.

Rwanga Foundation Holds Keep Kurdistan Clean Campaign

ERBIL,  Kurdistan (April 7, 2017) - To fortify public awareness and promote efforts to  improve environment,

 Rwanga Foundation, in coordination with a group of volunteers,  launched a one-day awareness campaign 

in selected picnic spots of Erbil  Governorate.

The campaign was aimed at spreading awareness and making picnic spots cleaner. Ari Aladdin, Senior Employer Outreach

 Coordinator at Rwanga Foundation said “We strongly believe that improved environmental condition enhances the quality

 of life for the region and cultivates National pride. Today, we have brought necessary items for the volunteers with extra plastic

 bags to distribute among the picnickers so that they will also be actively involved in collecting the trash.’’

Rwanga Foundation provided transportation, plastic bags, gloves and other items, making sure safety for the volunteers. 

Savana Halgurd aged 16, was one of the youngest volunteer who participated in the campaign commented 

‘’ the community has given me a lot. It is now my turn to take care and serve it. I am young, and I want to be

 an example for other youths of my age to help serving the community because we are a part of this community and we have 

to keep it clean for the future generations’’.

Lazha Kurda, a University graduate who brought the volunteers together added ‘’the plan is to spend one day by

 giving back to the planet in terms of cleaning and raising awareness. We have to inform people about the serious environmental

 issues and threats!  

A large number of plastic bags were distributed to the picnickers. The campaign ran from 10 am to 3 pm on Friday and during the 

campaign, over 200 bags of trash were collected for proper disposal.

Rwanga Foundation Celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

ERBIL, Kurdistan, April 2, 2017 -About  200 children and parents gathered in Autism Center on Sunday to celebrate The World  Autism Day, spreading positive energy among all by performing live music coupled  with many other activities by a group of kids. 

This activity was organized by Rwanga Foundation in coordination with Lara Private School as a support to the Autistic children.

Sarwin Sardar came into contact with the Autistic Center years ago following the diagnosis of her son, who is now 9 years old.“Such event supports us, as parents, and our kids. It is also showing solidarity from the community that helps us to connect more with other parents of Autistic Children''.

The cost of the event was collected from donations of a previously held Art Gallery at Shanedar Park ( by Lara Private School in partnership with Rwanga Foundation) to showcase the children’s natural artistic skills by selling their artworks to support their needs.

Bahar Rafiq, psychologist and Head of the Autistic Centre in Erbil added “The Country is in financial crises, and this support during the World Autism Day is really vital for the kids of our center and the families who are happier to be a part of it''.

In addition to the cost of the activities, the Art Gallery's earnings was spent on educational kits, CCTV Cameras and clothes. The rest of the earnings was spent to support the Autism Centre's needs including a two-month salary of an additional therapist to help the kids of the centre.

Rwanga Foras Provides Business Training for Young Refugees

ERBIL, Kurdistan, March 29, 2017 - Rwanga Foras in partnership with International Finance Corporation (IFC) held a training workshop to provide additional tools and knowledge on how to strengthen and improve the Problem Solving Skills of the young refugees residing in Darashakran Refugee Camp in Erbil.

Over 12,200 refugees fled their homes and took shelter in Darashakran refugee camp including many university students who could not finish their education in Syria.

The aim of the training was to help them finding jobs focusing on identifying their problems and look for solutions. “We decided to have customized trainings given to various groups of people in various sectors, according to a procedure called “training assessment needs”, which is defining the actual personalized needs to match the training. By these trainings, we hope to be a successful part of the individual participants for their future, since our goal is to support and offer solutions to difficulties’’ said the trainer Aras Mufty.

The full day long training started with trainings on recognizing the problem and followed by two more sessions about analyzing the problem, choosing and implementing solutions. The participants were selected after a series of interviews to identify their weaknesses to help them improve it through the course objectives.

'' The training was very important for us. It helped me to realize that there are always many ways and options. It also helped me to think outside the box’’ said Parwin Kamal, 26. One of the participants. 

In addition to teaching, the techniques and methods of problems solving, participants carry out a number of training activities. '' The training was vital for us besides the knowledge, the positive environment of training and the activities motivates us and encourages us to positively look for solutions'' added Jwan Abdulkarim, 28, participant.

The training is being held as part of the agreement between Rwanga and The IFC, a member of the World Bank Group to provide trainings to the refugees’ camp & host communities and to bolster the country’s private sector amid current challenges and crises.

IFC Delegation Visits Rwanga Foundation

Erbil,  Kurdistan March 9, 2017: International Finance Corporation (IFC) member of the World Bank Group visited Rwanga Foundation Headquarter in Erbil governorate to discuss on the current scenario and providing vocational trainings for youth in Kurdistan including IDPs, Refugees and Host communities. Mr. Mouayed Makhlouf - the Regional Director of Middle East and North Africa Region voiced his opinion “I am happy and amazed to see Rwanga Foundation projects devolved to help the youths in Kurdistan, especially the recently organized business edge training in Erbil and the vocational training project in Duhok governorate. He further assured that IFC have a plan to support Rwanga Foundation in imparting training projects in Kurdistan region and whole of Iraq to equip them with skilled trainings and prepare them for the private sector market.

After the meeting, IFC delegates along with Rwanga Foundation team paid a visit to Bahrka camp in Erbil to meet the IDPs, experiencing their needs in terms of skills improvement for their future. The IDPs were deeply impressed about this visit and praised the delegates for listening to them and providing assurance for their needs.

Previously, on October 16th, 2016. IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, signed an agreement with Rwanga Foundation to jointly provide business edge trainings to host communities and refugees in Iraq as a part of the efforts to bolster the country’s private sector amid current challenges and crises.